Big Deal: Save $25 on ALL Ticket Network Orders

The 4th of July weekend is coming quickly upon us and our friends at Ticket Network are running a special promotion to celebrate our Independence Day! Use promo code USA25OFF to take $25 on all orders over $150.00*. If you can’t save the world from an alien extinction this 4th of July, at least you can save some […]

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The Untold History Of The 1946 West Coast Baseball Association

The West Coast Baseball Association launched in May, 1946 and folded in July, 1946. But there is much more to this story, the players, managers, owners and the 6-team Negro League in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and San Diego that was gone far too soon. Follow along with updated entries on this […]

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Young At Heart: Why Summer Basketball Camp, Alone, Won’t Make Kids Better

Ever since I can remember, summer basketball camps has been a part of my annual routine. For years, I attended my father’s camps as well as other camps throughout the region. I’m a strong advocate that kid’s should attend a camp in the sport of their liking in the summertime. Camps provide a measurement for […]


Young At Heart – Views From Loud City, Game 6 Between OKC and Golden State

When my little brother texted me yesterday afternoon and told me that there were a couple of tickets left for Game 6 in OKC, I knew we had to get them. I mean, a chance to watch our home team clinch a berth to the NBA Finals was enough motivation. Unfortunately, the game did not […]

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Young At Heart – Pursuing Your Dreams Through Hard Work

“If you can play, they’ll find you.” It’s the exact statement that my father would always say to me in high school. See, I attended a VERY small Christian school where college coaches weren’t exactly lining up at the door of our basketball games. As a matter of fact, I graduated with only 16 people […]

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Young At Heart – Basketball, Business & Beyond: The Josh Young Blog

I wanted to start this blog to document my journey and tell some of my story of how I got to where I am. I am not a writer by any means, but I look forward to what’s in store. My word that I seek to embody is consistency. I believe it is vital if […]


Inside The Film Room With Dustin Dobbs: Boston Celtics BLOB Screen The Screener

This play from Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics caught my eye this season because of its simplicity and effectiveness. This BLOB is a quick-hitter Boston runs often and when executed perfectly, is a great action to get a shot. With Coach Stevens at the helm, the Celtics finished 2015-2016 ranked 3rd in the NBA […]


Knock It Down: Tracking A Season And Game With “The List”

If anyone has watched me during NBA games at my regular seat behind the bench, I usually get the question – what are you doing? People see me observing the game and keeping notes, but they don’t know the work involved from quarter to quarter and how that translates to helping a player with their […]

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In The Cards: Searching For George Brett

I had dabbled in football cards a couple of years earlier – yielding a 1976 Topps Walter Payton rookie card, among others – but my first foray into set collecting was 1979 Topps baseball. I was nine. This was years before Cardageddon, circa 1987, when the glut arrived and the cardboard became worthless (fitting that […]


Writing And Remembering The Hank Gathers Story

I was freelance writing with USA Today back in 2010 while living in Portland and covering basketball, the NBA and Portland Trail Blazer when I received an email from author, Kyle Keiderling. Kyle was preparing to release a book on the late Hank Gathers that February, telling the story about his rise from the rough […]


My Dad, The Pig Book, And The Work

My 9-year old daughter, Piper, didn’t want to hear the story again. Neither did my wife, Emily, for that matter. But this morning at breakfast as my 6-year old daughter, Stella, was reading a school book about pigs, I couldn’t help but think about my dad and something he taught me back in high school […]


Lessons Learned By The Jump From Media To The Business Side Of Basketball

A year ago today, I made the official jump. I moved away from the media side of the basketball landscape to the business and operations end of the spectrum. It has not been easy, but it has certainly been rewarding. The thought of turning back and giving in entered my mind often, especially in those […]