What Do Escorts In Vegas Actually Do?

Although this is not an accurate representation of all escorts working in Las Vegas, I think that you will find the following movie trailer of social escorts a rather interesting watch:

So what do escorts in Vegas actually do? Are they prostitutes pretending not to be one? Or are they really romantic female companions and pretend girlfriends?

First of all, there are obviously illegal and legal escorts working in Las Vegas.

Legal escorts are basically female companions who are paid to go on romantic dates with their clients. They are essentially pretend girlfriends / wives. Whatever you are buying from them is simply their romantic companionship for the time period that they are hired for. After which, they will leave and both of you will be strangers once again.

Illegal escorts are basically prostitutes which are selling sexual services. This is actually illegal within the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Engaging such services can potentially get you into trouble.

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