Escorts & Sugar Babies Are The Antidote To Feminism

Social escorts & sugar babies have become popular in Singapore, and the reason is because of the rise of MGTOW men. Social escorts are the antidote to feminism and the savior for MGTOW men who still desire hot women without the liabilities that usually comes with a normal relationship with a woman. Additionally, not only are escorts and sugar babies actually feminine, they are actually pretty unlike most easily triggered feminists!

A quick background – What caused MGTOW – Ugly women with ugly personalities

Some women claim to fight for equality, yet they are actually not fighting for equality. They are fighting for greater rights for women than men, and are really ‘feminists’. Feminity used to mean being womanly, being soft spoken and caring e.t.c. This has caused and led many men to become MGTOW, if not yet already.

Also, there are many men who got into a happy relationship and got married. After a few years or even decade, antics from the wife appears and gets ridiculous. Unfortunately for these men, they are unable to quit the marriage without hefty financial losses through alimony and due to a biased judicial system.

The unfortunate truth & caveat

Unfortunately, though, we cannot live in an absolute vacuum. And also, men still want women to a certain extent.

Of course, MGTOW men certainly have no interests in commitment or being submissive to women’s demands. Women are the softer gender and should listen to men.

However, this does not mean that men do not want anything to do with women – true MGTOW men just do not want any of the liabilities that these women like to impose on men through things such as a biased judicial marriage system e.t.c.

The perfect new ‘marriage’

MGTOW men and sugar babies/escorts are the new form of marriage. Call it the Uber of marriages – you get the benefits of a marriage without any of its emotional or financial liabilities.

MGTOW is actually a big reason why sugar dating and social escorts have gained such sky high popularity in Singapore in recent years. Additionally, girls also want to become one and are looking for such escort jobs all the time as well.

There is no strings attached to such types of dating and relationships.

You get to pick the terms of your appointments, and at any point in time you are sick and tired of the girl, you pay her to leave. The end. There are no hassles, no marriage contracts, no kids e.t.c. to drag you down.

Let us gloss over the benefits of sugar babies/social escorts again:

  • No strings attached
  • Ad hoc financial payment plan – no financial liabilities (splitting of assets or alimonies)
  • Transparent and honest – everything in the relationship is laid bare from the beginning
  • On demand
  • No subtle hinting at gifts and then getting unhappy because men didn’t get the stupidly subtle hint
  • No forced shopping trips or going to places men do not want to go to
  • Does not complain about your busy work schedules

How much better can this get? It is basically a dream come true for MGTOW men – and even a large percentage of still blue pill men!

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