Finding The Best Social Escort In Singapore – 4 Top Tips

Finding a social escort in Singapore (SG) may feel like a difficult and confusing task especially if you had just arrived in Singapore’s Changi International airport. Unlike places such as Las Vegas where you will see tons of promoters giving out brochures to adult men on the street, and lots of girls trying to solicit you, Singapore has none of that. In fact, social escorts in Singapore are only found online.

Here are 4 tips to ensure that you only engage legal escorts in Singapore, and not interact with illegal service providers. Additionally, these tips will help you more or less ensure that the girl you engage will look like her photographs.

First of all, foreigners are technically not allowed to work in Singapore. The definition of work includes freelance work such as social escort services as well. This means that if you are engaging a foreigner social escort in Singapore, if they get busted for working and making an income in SG under a tourist VISA, you will potentially get stringed into the series of drama which may ensue after that. Do not take such risks. For instance, if you really want to meet a beautiful European lady, then go Europe to do that. Do not look for a European lady in Singapore. If you are in Singapore, look for a local girl or do not bother looking. Potentially having such unnecessary issues plague your life is not worth it.

Second of all, I recommend that while you are in Singapore, simply fire up your mobile or laptop browser and start browsing for ‘social escorts Singapore’. A simple search like that will yield up thousands of websites. Just look through the sites and then shortlist a couple of websites from there. Do not decide on the actual escort or website yet.

Third of all, after you have the list of shortlisted escorts or websites, message or call the business. I recommend that you message the contact number now, agencies in SG generally prefer SMS or WhatsApp or Wechat over calling or other forms of contact. I strongly recommend sticking to any website that is not Locanto or Skokka or SingaporeStories – those 3 are extremely notorious for fake photos and profiles. You will meet girls 50 pounds heavier than whatever photos they show. It is disgusting how unethical they are.

Finally, no matter which escort website you found the social escort from, always only go for outcall services. Outcall simply means that the escort will meet you at your designated location. Incall is where you visit the escort at her location – this is where legal problems always come out. Never go for incalls – they are a breeding ground for illegal activities.

So if you follow the above 4 tips, you should have a reasonably pleasant time with your escort model in Singapore!

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