Is There A Difference Between Social Escorts & Prostitutes – Yes!

Some people think that a Singaporean social escort and a prostitute are the same, but they are not. If they were the same, then you could register a brothel and operate it legally and exactly the same as an escort agency. However, there is a difference.

The layperson may think that they are the same, but they really are not, and they are not even vaguely close legally speaking. One sells sexual services, one sells romantic companionship and nothing sexual. One is illegal to be publicly soliciting customers for it in Singapore, the other is not.

There is more similarity between sugar babies and escorts, although there are still differences. Read my previous article on this topic to find out more.

It is similar to how you can matchmake people in Singapore, but you cannot arrange for forced or arranged marriages.

Can Becoming A Social Escort Change Your Life Forever?

Can being a social escort and taking on this job potentially change your life path forever? Just like any other career path, the answer is yes.

Before you rush to apply for an escort model job with an agency like ours or otherwise,  you want to make sure that you can accept both the tremendous upsides as well as some downsides of the job.  (You may want to watch the video below to see and learn more).

if you watch the video below, a Singaporean former escort explains how her life has changed – e.g. her becoming more materialistic, thinking some men are  not loyal e.t.c.

Can you accept the downsides as well as the upsides?

Only you will know the answer.

If so, once you have decided to be a female companion, or rather, a social escort in Singapore, then it can be one of the most financially rewarding part time gigs you can ever hope to do. Frankly, Gucci, Prada, and a mini taitai life is not far if you are hardworking as an escort in Singapore.

Working A Social Escort Job In Singapore – Are You Up To It?

A lot of women in Singapore consider taking up a social escort job on the sideline, however, not all of them are suited to be an escort in Singapore. If you are a woman also considering a social escort job, then read on to find out if you suit it at all, and whether you can apply!

Just like any other job in Singapore or otherwise, there will always be upsides and downsides. The obvious upside when it comes to escort jobs is the sheer amount of money you can make. In general for SG social escorts, working just a few days a week, for an hour appointment a day will potentially make you $2000 to $5000 a month. If you have a day job, that is additional income that will supplement your base income. If you are a student, you probably make more than nearly all starting graduates – considering how doctors and lawyers make less than $4000 per month after CPF and taxes deduction. The best part about a part time social escort job is that you do not even need to quit your school or job to do this. You can do it part and time and make a total of nearly double any of your peers in gross monthly income. Although you need to pay taxes on your income derived from this job, you do not need to contribute mandatory contributions to CPF ordinary or special account from your cash earnings from being an escort. This is because you are considered self employed (this is accurate as of 2018 at the point of this writing). Of course, keep in mind that the more available you are, and the less preference for the type of clients (e.g. race or age) the more money you can make.

If being flirty is not up your aisle of competences, then you do not even need to consider applying for an escort job in Singapore. Why would a man hire a woman to sit across him, and not even flirt? If even basic things like holding hands or hugging will make you irk, please do not apply. It will only end in absolute disaster and a complete waste of time for you. Men hire an escort to be a companion who is willing to flirt and keep him company and make him feel as though you are his girlfriend during the period of engagement. Why else would he pay you so much to sit across him like a prude nun?

Also, it is true that some clients are absolute gentlemen, while some are not so gentlemanly. This is part of the job – just like how some customers are very patient at a busy restaurant, while others bang the table, make a din and yell and scold the waitresses and waiters. As long as you have any kind of customer experience, and not be fazed by these clients, then you may consider having a social escort job.

If you are friendly, relaxed and flirty, and not so uptight about everything, then chances are you will do well as an escort. Also, it is highly recommended that you research online more about escort work BEFORE deciding whether you are suited to become one. If you truly are, then apply and prepare for the money to roll in.

Where To Find Indian Escorts In Singapore?

There is quite a lot of demand for Indian escorts in Singapore, and so today we shall explore some of the top ways in which you can find an Indian social escort in Singapore too!

First of all, Indian can be referred to 2 things – nationality as well as race. We need to talk about these 2 things separately, and I will explain why that is the case in the next few paragraphs.

Nationality – Indian Escorts in Singapore

If you are looking for Indian nationals, meaning girls from India while you are in Singapore, you may be sorely disappointed.

Unless they are a permanent resident in Singapore or have the appropriate work permits (which 99% of them do NOT), they are working ILLEGALLY in Singapore. This means that if they are caught by the Singapore police – you may be caught and questioned too.

While there are some dodgy websites selling social escort services of Indian nationality girls, most of them are running illegally, as most of these girls are actually foreigners on tourist VISAs.

What does this mean?

If you really want an Indian nationality escort, just go to India. They would have plenty of beautiful ladies for you to choose from, far cheaper and you would be engaging legal escorts.

If you are in Singapore, why bother with Indian nationals?

Race – Indian Social Escorts in Singapore

Now, most of you are probably just wanting Indian race escorts in Singapore, and are not referring to the nationality. In this case, the best bet to simply Google! Or you could also select from our website.

There are two types of social escorts you can find in Singapore. You can either find those attached to an agency like ours or you could find independent escorts.

The main danger with independent escorts is that many of them are foreigners and could be getting you into legal trouble. Another downside with independents is that they also tend to post fake photographs of themselves. This is because some girls would otherwise be unable to get clients perhaps due to her unattractive looks. A lot of unethical independents do bait and switch, because they think you will be too embarrassed to reject them face to face even though they are 10 times uglier and fatter than their photo. This is unethical from their end, and dangerous legally from your end. Stay clear from independents.

Sticking to an agency is usually the safer and sensible choice. With an agency, you know that they are local and will keep you on the safe side of the law.

What’s The Difference Between A Sugar Baby And An Escort?

As sugar babies and escorts also start becoming popular in Singapore, is there a real difference between a social escort (the private companion definition, not the wrong prostitute definition) and a sugar baby for all purposes?

A sugar baby is essentially a younger, female companion to an older, richer man for gifts or for money. Sugar baby and daddy relationships are obviously legal in Singapore, as long as if there is anything more than romantic companionship, the girl must be above the age of 18, whether it be for eventually marriage or sexual activities. Below that, it can be considered an offence in Singapore.

Now, the above definition for a sugar baby sounds exceedingly similar to that of a social escort girl in Singapore.

So what exactly is the difference, other than prices?

Well, sugar babies are more of a ‘recurring’ escort. They are basically long term, and you have to see one of them for a number of times a month. They are essentially no different from a wife (you pay them money just like if a man gives his wife an allowance), just that if the man decides to break up with them, there is no need to give her any alimony or any of that nonsense. When it comes to true social escort companions in Singapore, they are exactly the same as a sugar baby, just that the ‘contract’ of companionship lasts for just once instead of being a recurring one (until/if engaged further in future).

Sugar babies are definitely more clingy than social escorts. This is because escorts once paid, they will pretend as though you two had never met each other before. However, when it comes to sugar babies, they want your money the following month as well, so they will keep clinging on to you – this is good if you want them still. However, if you no longer want that sugar baby and are trying to break up with them, it can be annoyingly hard since they know you have the money to spend on women.

In short, if you want a recurring relationship and potentially very clingy girl, find a sugar baby in Singapore. If you want a romantic companion for the day/evening/night and enjoy your time with an absolutely stunning looking woman in Singapore (e.g. if you are a tourist), then escorts are the way to go – you can contact us here for escort services in Singapore.

Where Do You Find Escorts Now That Backpage Singapore Is Shutdown?

Backpage Singapore used to be a really popular site in Singapore for clients looking for social escorts, however, that slowly changed over the years as they realize that most listings on Backpage Singapore by independent escorts are actually fake photographs. More people got disappointed with the quality of escorts on Backpage Singapore. That completely changed in 2018, when Backpage was shut down internationally, leaving potential clients not being sure where to go to find social escorts.

Actually, this turned out to be one of the best things there is for clients looking for social escorts – because it got rid of the one cesspool of fake photographs and profiles! Although some other sites also provided lots of fake photographs (hence people are wary of independent escorts these days as 99% tend to use fake only photographs), Backpage was the king of them all.

So where do you find social escorts now that Backpage Singapore is shutdown? Here is the answer: agency websites.

That is correct, as long as you are looking for local Singaporean female model escort girls, then a social escort agency website like ours will be your best option. Why is that the case?

Think about it, why do independent escorts feel the need to lie and put up fake photographs on Backpage in the past? This is because they cannot change their own facial looks, and changing their bodies will take many months or years to slim down. Therefore, if they are unattractive, they will simply put a fake photograph to do something commonly known as ‘bait and switch’ – which is an unethical practice. Unfortunately for these independent escort models, there is nothing they can do if they are unattractive and uneducated. They simply cannot attract any clients. This is why independent escorts have a heavy incentive to lie and post fake images to get clients.

On the other hand, there is no incentive for agency websites to lie to their clients. This is simply because they do not make any money if you do not pick a particular escort who is deemed ‘ugly’ by their clients. They can simply hire another beautiful girl as their escort model and they can still continue operating as per normal. They have no incentive to lie as their reputation is at stake for lying, and they can always hire new girls if clients do not like the existing ones. They can still attract clients, and have therefore no incentive at all to recommend lousy escorts to a client like you.

Therefore, the easiest way to find a social escort in Singapore now that Backpage is shut down, is to simply contact a good social escort agency website like ours!

Men Who Date Escorts Are All Fat Losers… Or Not?

It seems like there is a public perception that men who date escorts are all fat losers, who cannot get girls any other way. However, is it really true? Let us look more into this belief.


There are many reasons why men find escorts, and not all of them find escorts for the same reason. The following are some of the main reasons why:

  1. The men do not have time to date traditionally – Most of these men who engage escorts are wealthy and successful businessmen or top management in Singapore. This means that they put in a lot of time and effort into their work, and very little time into other aspects of life. If they tried to date normally, and went out everyday just like how normal (aka poor) men date, then they wouldn’t be anywhere as successful as they are or can be. Therefore, many busy men who are not yet ready for marriage anyway get escorts instead as it is hassle free and maintenance free.
  2. Some of these men may be attractive, but are older and do not get swiped right on dating applications simply because few younger and attractive Singaporean girls are willing to swipe right on a man 10-20 years older than her! Therefore, this means that most traditional forms of meeting girl would not be as efficient or effective as meeting an escort would be in Singapore.
  3. It can be quite lonely at times when a man is grinding at his work. This means that even if he wants a companion, he may a lot of business acquaintances, but very few friends. Picking a girl up at the bar or club also takes a lot of effort and time, because you need to persuade her to be your girlfriend. In the worst case scenario, you may not be able to even find an attractive girl at the local club or bar who is not already with another man! However, when it comes to escorts, you can usually have your pick as long as you inform the agency or contact the escort website in advance. There is no persuasion necessary – she will act as your girlfriend the moment you meet her. It saves a lot of time and she is usually guaranteed to be attractive as long as you find a good social escort agency.

Escorts & Sugar Babies Are The Antidote To Feminism

Social escorts & sugar babies have become popular in Singapore, and the reason is because of the rise of MGTOW men. Social escorts are the antidote to feminism and the savior for MGTOW men who still desire hot women without the liabilities that usually comes with a normal relationship with a woman. Additionally, not only are escorts and sugar babies actually feminine, they are actually pretty unlike most easily triggered feminists!

A quick background – What caused MGTOW – Ugly women with ugly personalities

Some women claim to fight for equality, yet they are actually not fighting for equality. They are fighting for greater rights for women than men, and are really ‘feminists’. Feminity used to mean being womanly, being soft spoken and caring e.t.c. This has caused and led many men to become MGTOW, if not yet already.

Also, there are many men who got into a happy relationship and got married. After a few years or even decade, antics from the wife appears and gets ridiculous. Unfortunately for these men, they are unable to quit the marriage without hefty financial losses through alimony and due to a biased judicial system.

The unfortunate truth & caveat

Unfortunately, though, we cannot live in an absolute vacuum. And also, men still want women to a certain extent.

Of course, MGTOW men certainly have no interests in commitment or being submissive to women’s demands. Women are the softer gender and should listen to men.

However, this does not mean that men do not want anything to do with women – true MGTOW men just do not want any of the liabilities that these women like to impose on men through things such as a biased judicial marriage system e.t.c.

The perfect new ‘marriage’

MGTOW men and sugar babies/escorts are the new form of marriage. Call it the Uber of marriages – you get the benefits of a marriage without any of its emotional or financial liabilities.

MGTOW is actually a big reason why sugar dating and social escorts have gained such sky high popularity in Singapore in recent years. Additionally, girls also want to become one and are looking for such escort jobs all the time as well.

There is no strings attached to such types of dating and relationships.

You get to pick the terms of your appointments, and at any point in time you are sick and tired of the girl, you pay her to leave. The end. There are no hassles, no marriage contracts, no kids e.t.c. to drag you down.

Let us gloss over the benefits of sugar babies/social escorts again:

  • No strings attached
  • Ad hoc financial payment plan – no financial liabilities (splitting of assets or alimonies)
  • Transparent and honest – everything in the relationship is laid bare from the beginning
  • On demand
  • No subtle hinting at gifts and then getting unhappy because men didn’t get the stupidly subtle hint
  • No forced shopping trips or going to places men do not want to go to
  • Does not complain about your busy work schedules

How much better can this get? It is basically a dream come true for MGTOW men – and even a large percentage of still blue pill men!

How Can An Escort Get More Clients?

If you are a female social escort in Singapore, and if you want the most effective methods to get more clients fast so that you can be more financially secure, then make sure to read on.

If you want to break out of the average earnings, you cannot simply do what other escorts do. Doing what others do will effectively cap your income at whatever the other people are at. To make very high incomes in the escort business in Singapore, you need to be putting in all your time and effort only into high return on investment marketing methods.

1. Go online – if you are not already using online marketing methods, then you are already behind. The best escorts in the world are leveraging online platforms like escort websites (you can submit your application to the top escort website in Singapore here: ________) directories, e.t.c. to get their brand name out there so that they can be found by their customers. If you want to join an agency, sure! In fact, it is better to give 50% of the commission away and get 10x more customers than to give 0% of the commission away and get 0 customers. If you want to advertise on a website, sure! Just make sure to keep the costs in control, as advertising will require you to pay a fixed and upfront fee whether or not you see clients. If you are worried about fixed costs, then work with an agency website instead.

2. Stop relying on street soliciting – although you are legally allowed to solicit potential clients under most circumstances for your romantic companionship (only prostitution is not allowed), it is a highly ineffective method to get clients. And let us be realistic, most men will be embarrassed to publicly admit (in front of strangers and friends/family) that they are willing to pay a pretty romantic companion because they cannot find one any other way.

3. Start taking nicer photos – one of the key things that will make or break an escort’s entire career is the photographs. Men are visual creatures, and since they have not met you nor your competitors before, the only thing they can see is your photographs. If you take great photos, the chances of you getting the clients are higher. Of course, make sure to take great looking but ‘natural’ photographs. Clients do not like photographs which look too fake, and which seem photoshopped. This is because many shady providers in Singapore or especially independent escorts send fake photos till the point that clients do not trust overly professional looking photographs. However, this is no excuse to not have nice photos taken for your escort modelling career.