Working A Social Escort Job In Singapore – Are You Up To It?

A lot of women in Singapore consider taking up a social escort job on the sideline, however, not all of them are suited to be an escort in Singapore. If you are a woman also considering a social escort job, then read on to find out if you suit it at all, and whether you can apply!

Just like any other job in Singapore or otherwise, there will always be upsides and downsides. The obvious upside when it comes to escort jobs is the sheer amount of money you can make. In general for SG social escorts, working just a few days a week, for an hour appointment a day will potentially make you $2000 to $5000 a month. If you have a day job, that is additional income that will supplement your base income. If you are a student, you probably make more than nearly all starting graduates – considering how doctors and lawyers make less than $4000 per month after CPF and taxes deduction. The best part about a part time social escort job is that you do not even need to quit your school or job to do this. You can do it part and time and make a total of nearly double any of your peers in gross monthly income. Although you need to pay taxes on your income derived from this job, you do not need to contribute mandatory contributions to CPF ordinary or special account from your cash earnings from being an escort. This is because you are considered self employed (this is accurate as of 2018 at the point of this writing). Of course, keep in mind that the more available you are, and the less preference for the type of clients (e.g. race or age) the more money you can make.

If being flirty is not up your aisle of competences, then you do not even need to consider applying for an escort job in Singapore. Why would a man hire a woman to sit across him, and not even flirt? If even basic things like holding hands or hugging will make you irk, please do not apply. It will only end in absolute disaster and a complete waste of time for you. Men hire an escort to be a companion who is willing to flirt and keep him company and make him feel as though you are his girlfriend during the period of engagement. Why else would he pay you so much to sit across him like a prude nun?

Also, it is true that some clients are absolute gentlemen, while some are not so gentlemanly. This is part of the job – just like how some customers are very patient at a busy restaurant, while others bang the table, make a din and yell and scold the waitresses and waiters. As long as you have any kind of customer experience, and not be fazed by these clients, then you may consider having a social escort job.

If you are friendly, relaxed and flirty, and not so uptight about everything, then chances are you will do well as an escort. Also, it is highly recommended that you research online more about escort work BEFORE deciding whether you are suited to become one. If you truly are, then apply and prepare for the money to roll in.