Where Do You Find Escorts Now That Backpage Singapore Is Shutdown?

Backpage Singapore used to be a really popular site in Singapore for clients looking for social escorts, however, that slowly changed over the years as they realize that most listings on Backpage Singapore by independent escorts are actually fake photographs. More people got disappointed with the quality of escorts on Backpage Singapore. That completely changed in 2018, when Backpage was shut down internationally, leaving potential clients not being sure where to go to find social escorts.

Actually, this turned out to be one of the best things there is for clients looking for social escorts – because it got rid of the one cesspool of fake photographs and profiles! Although some other sites also provided lots of fake photographs (hence people are wary of independent escorts these days as 99% tend to use fake only photographs), Backpage was the king of them all.

So where do you find social escorts now that Backpage Singapore is shutdown? Here is the answer: agency websites.

That is correct, as long as you are looking for local Singaporean female model escort girls, then a social escort agency website will be your best option. Why is that the case?

Think about it, why do independent escorts feel the need to lie and put up fake photographs on Backpage in the past? This is because they cannot change their own facial looks, and changing their bodies will take many months or years to slim down. Therefore, if they are unattractive, they will simply put a fake photograph to do something commonly known as ‘bait and switch’ – which is an unethical practice. Unfortunately for these independent escort models, there is nothing they can do if they are unattractive and uneducated. They simply cannot attract any clients. This is why independent escorts have a heavy incentive to lie and post fake images to get clients.

On the other hand, there is no incentive for agency websites to lie to their clients. This is simply because they do not make any money if you do not pick a particular escort who is deemed ‘ugly’ by their clients. They can simply hire another beautiful girl as their escort model and they can still continue operating as per normal. They have no incentive to lie as their reputation is at stake for lying, and they can always hire new girls if clients do not like the existing ones. They can still attract clients, and have therefore no incentive at all to recommend lousy escorts to a client like you.

Therefore, the easiest way to find a social escort in Singapore now that Backpage is shut down, is to simply contact a good social escort agency website!