How Can An Escort Get More Clients?

If you are a female social escort in Vegas, and if you want the most effective methods to get more clients fast so that you can be more financially secure, then make sure to read on.

If you want to break out of the average earnings, you cannot simply do what other escorts do. Doing what others do will effectively cap your income at whatever the other people are at. To make very high incomes in the escort business in Vegas, you need to be putting in all your time and effort only into high return on investment marketing methods.

1. Go online – if you are not already using online marketing methods, then you are already behind. The best escorts in the world are leveraging online platforms like escort websites (you can submit your application to one of the top escort websites in Vegas here:, directories, e.t.c. to get their brand name out there so that they can be found by their customers. If you want to join an agency, sure! In fact, it is better to give 50% of the commission away and get 10x more customers than to give 0% of the commission away and get 0 customers. If you want to advertise on a website, sure! Just make sure to keep the costs in control, as advertising will require you to pay a fixed and upfront fee whether or not you see clients. If you are worried about fixed costs, then work with an agency website instead.

2. Stop relying on street soliciting – although you are legally allowed to solicit potential clients under most circumstances for your romantic companionship (only prostitution is not allowed), it is a highly ineffective method to get clients. This is because you only have 24 hours in a day, and you can only be at one place at one time. If you walked the streets of Vegas to get clients, there are only so many potential clients you can reach out to at any given day.

3. Start taking nicer photos – one of the key things that will make or break an escort’s entire career is the photographs. Men are visual creatures, and since they have not met you nor your competitors before, the only thing they can see is your photographs. If you take great photos, the chances of you getting the clients are higher. Of course, make sure to take great looking but ‘natural’ photographs. Clients do not like photographs which look too fake, and which seem photoshopped. This is because many shady providers in Vegas send fake photos till the point that clients do not trust overly professional looking photographs. However, this is no excuse to not have nice photos taken for your escort modelling career.

Finding The Best Escort In Las Vegas – 5 Top Tips

Finding an escort in Vegas may feel like a difficult and confusing task especially if you had just arrived in Las Vegas airport. Just right along the famous Las Vegas city strip, you will see tons of promoters giving out brochures to adult men, and lots of girls trying to solicit you.

Here are 5 tips to ensure that you only engage legal escorts, and not interact with illegal service providers – otherwise if you are caught for illegal activities, what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas.

Firstly, always do not approach any girls on the streets directly. Chances are, they are prostitutes and not escorts. Did you know that prostitution and soliciting of it are both illegal in Vegas? Yes. I am telling you not to engage in such activities if you want your trip in Vegas to be a comfortable and legal one.

Second of all, if you are not supposed to approach any girls on the streets directly, where then should you find these escort models? Should you take the promoters’ cards and then call the number on it? That is one way you can go about doing it. However, there is a problem with this strategy. Most of these promoters are not even allowed to work in the state of Nevada, or are perhaps even tourists without working VISAs. This means that they are all engaging in some sort of illegal working activities. Although this is more of a problem for them than you, if a business goes bust for illegal activities, you can rest assured that you as a customer may be dragged into investigations (though you will be let off scot free). However, why bother with drama? This is Vegas, you are not here for pain, you are here for fun!

Third of all, I recommend that while you are in Vegas, simply fire up your browser and start browsing for ‘Las Vegas escorts’. A simple search like that will yield up thousands of websites. Just look through the sites and then shortlist a couple of websites from there. Do not decide on the actual escort or website yet.

Fourth of all, after you have the list of shortlisted escorts or websites, message or call the business. I recommend that you either message or call the contact number now. I strongly recommend sticking to any website that is not Craigslist or Backpage – those 2 are extremely notorious for fake photos and profiles. You will meet girls 50 pounds heavier than whatever photos they show. It is disgusting how unethical they are.

Finally, no matter which escort website you found the escort from, always only go for outcall services. Outcall simply means that the escort will meet you at your designated location. Incall is where you visit the escort at her location – this is where legal problems always come out. Never go for incalls – they are a breeding ground for illegal activities, and they are usually police undercovers.

So if you follow the above 5 tips, you should have a reasonably pleasant time with your escort model in Las Vegas! My personal recommendation for escorts in Vegas? It will be none other than the famous Las Vegas Dream Escorts.